Welcome to Bergmann GmbH


Our new company name brings out our most important business sectors.

We are cereal wholesalers in Europe, we trade organic and conventional grain.
For this reason up-dated the contents of our internet presentation and our company logo. Now our company's immage is a new one, together with our new name it reflects the philosophy of Bergmann GmbH.

As wholesales in national and international trade we are between the production and the treatment of the goods, on one hand we have to meet the needs of the market, and on the other hand we have to support a eco-friendly and sustainable agriculture.

Honesty, reliability and transparency are basic qualities for a fruitful and lasting relationship with customers.

With the quality of our products and services we express our appreciation and our responsability to all persons who are customers, clients, farmers, partners and service providers, who are the base for the success of our company. As traders our goal is to promote farmers, and to supply products that meet the needs of the market and the clients.

Both conventional and organic agriculture have the goal to protect nature, use resources in an eco-friendly way and supply healthy food, Bergmann GmbH has the same goals of as well.

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